Get Hooked on Adventure with Cape Family Boat Rental in Cape Coral, FL

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Looking for a family adventure that’s sure to leave everyone grinning ear-to-ear? We know it’s no small task to find vacation activities that’ll please every member of the clan. But don’t fret! We’ve got your back – Cape Family Boat Rental in sunny Cape Coral, Florida is just what you need.

Renowned for its spotless fleet and top-of-the-line audio systems, this could be the perfect place to sprinkle some extra fun into your next family outing. Ready to soak up all those glorious Florida rays while creating memories you’ll cherish forever? Dive into our blog post and unearth endless possibilities with Cape Family Boat Rental.

Key Takeaways

  • Cape Family Boat Rental in Cape Coral, FL offers a well-maintained fleet of boats for an exciting family adventure on the water.
  • Their boats come equipped with GPS navigation systems and high-end audio systems for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • There are various boat sizes and styles to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect option for your needs and budget.
  • Located in southwest Florida, Cape Coral offers beautiful beaches, water activities, fishing opportunities, jet ski tours, pool access at Hooked on Bimini, and more.

Why Choose Cape Family Boat Rental?

Cape Family Boat Rental is the ideal choice for your water adventure needs, thanks to our well-maintained fleet of boats, access to GPS and high-end audio systems, and fun options suitable for the whole family.

Well-maintained fleet of boats

We take pride in our boats. Each one is clean, safe, and works well. Our teams check them often to make sure they stay this way. You won’t find any old or broken boats here! We want your time on the water to be fun and worry-free.

Access to GPS and high-end audio systems

At Cape Family Boat Rental, we understand the importance of having top-notch equipment for your water adventures. That’s why all of our rental boats come with GPS navigation systems, making it easy for you to explore and navigate the open waters without getting lost.

Additionally, our boats are equipped with high-end audio systems, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while cruising along. Whether you’re fishing, tubing, or simply soaking up the sun, our GPS and audio systems ensure that your experience is not only fun but also safe and enjoyable.

So get ready to set sail and have a blast on the water with Cape Family Boat Rental!

Fun for the whole family

At Cape Family Boat Rental, we believe that water adventures are fun for the whole family. Our well-maintained fleet of boats is perfect for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Whether you want to go fishing, explore the open water or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, our boat rentals provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. With options like jet ski rentals and tours, as well as a large family retreat with a pool, hot tub, and tiki bar, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during their visit to Cape Coral, FL.

Come and experience the excitement of a water adventure together with your family!

Rental Options

Cape Family Boat Rental offers a variety of rental options to suit your needs, with various boat sizes and styles available for you to choose from.

Various boat sizes and styles

We offer a wide range of boat sizes and styles to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a small boat for a day trip or a larger one for the whole family, we’ve got you covered.

Our fleet includes well-maintained boats that are clean and in good working condition, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. From open-air designs with easy beach access to spacious family fun boats with open seating, we have something for everyone.

Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the perfect boat for your adventure.

Prices and booking process

Booking a boat with Cape Family Boat Rental in Cape Coral, FL is easy and affordable. We offer various boat sizes and styles to suit your needs and budget. Our prices are inclusive, so there are no hidden fees or surprises.

To book, simply contact us either by phone or through our website. Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting the right boat for your adventure and guide you through the booking process.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the open water with your family – book your boat rental today!

About Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, FL is a stunning location in southwest Florida known for its beautiful beaches and numerous water activities.

Beautiful southwest Florida location

Cape Coral, Florida is a beautiful location in southwest Florida for your boat rental adventure. With its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s the perfect place to explore and make lasting memories with your family.

Cape Family Boat Rental is conveniently located just 8 minutes away from the open water, making it easy to embark on your water adventures. Whether you want to relax by the pool or enjoy thrilling activities like fishing and jet ski tours, this area offers everything you need for a fun-filled family vacation.

Activities and attractions

Cape Coral, Florida offers a wide range of activities and attractions for families to enjoy during their boat rental experience. You can spend the day fishing off the dock or venturing out into the open water for some thrilling water sports.

If you’re looking for relaxation, there’s a pool and hot tub available at Hooked on Bimini, where you can unwind after a long day of adventure. For those seeking more excitement, jet ski rentals and tours are also offered, giving you the chance to explore the waters and maybe even spot dolphins.

Whether you’re tubing with friends or experiencing the thrill of a banana boat ride, Cape Coral has something for everyone when it comes to outdoor fun and water adventures.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

We love hearing from our customers at Cape Family Boat Rental in Cape Coral, FL. Many families have shared their positive experiences with us, highlighting the fun and excitement they had on their boat rental adventure.

Customers appreciate the well-maintained fleet of boats that we offer, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride on the water. They also enjoy the convenience of having access to GPS and high-end audio systems, adding an extra level of comfort and enjoyment to their trip.

Families especially love how our rentals provide a great time for everyone, from young children to grandparents. Whether it’s fishing off the dock or zooming around on jet skis, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Our customers often mention how easy it is to book a boat rental with us. With various boat sizes and styles available, they can choose the perfect option for their needs and budget.

The booking process is straightforward, allowing them to quickly secure their rental without any hassle. Many visitors note that our customer service goes above and beyond expectations – we’re always ready to answer questions or provide assistance throughout the entire experience.

Overall, customer reviews show how much families adore Cape Family Boat Rental in Cape Coral, FL for providing an unforgettable water adventure during their vacation. From exploring beautiful beaches to enjoying thrilling activities like tubing or banana boat rides, our rentals make vacations truly memorable.

We take pride in offering exceptional service and making sure every family has an amazing time on the water in southwest Florida.


Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Cape Family Boat Rental in Cape Coral, FL. With their well-maintained fleet of boats and access to GPS and high-end audio systems, you can create your own water adventure.

Whether you’re fishing, jet skiing, or simply enjoying the open water with your family, Cape Family Boat Rental has everything you need for a fun-filled day on the water. So don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to experience the beauty of Cape Coral and make lasting memories with your loved ones!

What Activities Can I Do with Cape Family Boat Rental in Cape Coral, Florida?

Looking for an unforgettable experience in Cape Coral, Florida? Look no further than cape family boat rental in cape coral. Hop on one of their rental boats and enjoy a day of fun-filled activities. From fishing to cruising and exploring the breathtaking Gulf Coast, there’s something for everyone. Renting a boat from Cape Family Boat Rental allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones while creating memories that will last a lifetime.


1. Can I enjoy a banana boat experience at Cape Family Boat Rental?

Yes, you can enjoy the fun banana boat experience in Cape Coral with Cape Family Boat Rental.

2. What kind of services does Cape Family Boat Rental offer?

Cape Family Boat Rental offers hands-on personal service, large dock for fishing trips and a variety of boating experiences on the beautiful beaches of Cape Coral.

3. Where else can we enjoy outdoor activities near Fort Myers?

You can also enjoy outdoor activities and family vacations at the amazing beaches in Fort Myers, apart from our adventurous boat rentals in Cape Coral.

4. Is it possible to go dock fishing at the large dock provided by Cape Family Boat Rental?

Indeed! Our large dock not only holds our vast array of boats but is also an ideal spot for enjoyable dock fishing.

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