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Frequently asked questions

Yes, there is a $150.00 deposit required at the time of the booking that is applied to your rental upon check-in.

We do not offer a formal instruction course with certification. We do conduct a Captains Meeting prior to leaving the dock.

If you plan on fishing from the boat, you will be required to obtain a Florida fishing license. You can obtain this license online at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Any person operating a moving vessel on the waterways while consuming alcohol is subject to the same laws and fines as driving your vehicle on the roads. If you want to consume any alcoholic beverages we recommend that you arrange for a designated driver/operator and that they are listed as an additional operator on the rental contract. This additional designated operator will also be subject to all of the same requirements as the main person listed on the rental contract.

Yes, we deliver our boats to your Cape Coral Property so that you can maximize your time enjoying both our boat and your property!

Please call and talk with one of our friendly staff members to make the arrangements for docking your boat during your rental period

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