Gateway to Paradise with Boat Rentals from Cape Family Boat Rental

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Ever felt the urge to just escape from the everyday humdrum and plunge into a beautiful underwater haven? We totally get it. There’s something incredibly soothing about being surrounded by nature in all its stunning glory.

That’s precisely why we embarked on an extensive research journey to unearth Southwest Florida’s top boat rental services within Cape Coral area – The Cape Family Boat Rental. Dive into this blog with us, and discover how you can navigate your way towards your own slice of paradise!

Key Takeaways

  • Cape Family Boat Rental offers a variety of boat options including Hurricane, Sea Pro, and Sweetwater for a fun and enjoyable experience on the water.
  • They provide additional extras such as Bimini tops for sun protection, pet-friendly boats, cushion upgrades for added comfort, and fishing equipment rentals.
  • Customers have given excellent reviews about their experiences with Cape Family Boat Rental, praising the beautiful location and great service provided by the owners and employees.
  • Located in Southwest Florida near Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Naples, Sanibel Island, and Ft. Myers Beach, Cape Family Boat Rental is your gateway to paradise with easy access to stunning beaches and captain services available for a stress-free experience.

Paradise Boat Rentals

At Cape Family Boat Rental, we offer a wide selection of boats for your paradise getaway, including popular options like Hurricane, Sea Pro, and Sweetwater.

Selection of boats (Hurricane, Sea Pro, Sweetwater)

We offer a range of boats for you to pick from. You can rent the Hurricane, Sea Pro, or Sweetwater models. Each boat is in top shape and ready to sail. The Hurricane boat is smooth and fast on water.

The Sea Pro offers ease and comfort during your ride. If you like fishing, go for the Sweetwater model. It is perfect for this fun sport! No matter which boat you choose, be sure of a great time at sea!

Available extras

We offer a range of extras to enhance your boat rental experience with Cape Family Boat Rental. These added features ensure that you have everything you need for a fun and convenient day out on the water.

Need some shade? We’ve got you covered with our available Bimini tops, providing protection from the sun. Want to bring along your furry friend? No problem! Our boats are pet-friendly so you can enjoy the adventure together.

For those looking for extra comfort, we offer cushion upgrades to make your ride even more enjoyable. And if fishing is on your agenda, we also have fishing equipment available for rent.

Whatever your needs may be, our goal is to provide an exceptional boating experience tailored to you.

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Excellent reviews

Customers who have experienced Cape Family Boat Rental have raved about their amazing experiences. They loved the beautiful location and praised the owners and employees for their great service.

The boats provided by Cape Family Boat Rental are well-maintained, clean, and in good working condition. Overall, customers had nothing but positive things to say about their time with Cape Family Boat Rental.

Cape Coral Boat Rentals

Cape Family Boat Rental offers a selection of boats for rent in Cape Coral, including deck boats, center console boats, and pontoon boats.

Selection of boats (Deck, Center Console, Pontoon)

At Cape Family Boat Rental, we offer a wide selection of boats for your boating adventures in SW Florida. Whether you prefer the spaciousness of a deck boat, the versatility of a center console boat, or the comfort of a pontoon boat, we have something for everyone.

Our deck boats are perfect for families and large groups, providing plenty of room to relax and enjoy the water. If you’re looking for a more exhilarating experience, our center console boats are great for fishing or exploring hidden coves.

And if leisurely cruising is more your style, our pontoon boats offer comfort and stability. No matter which type of boat you choose, rest assured that they are well-maintained and in excellent condition for your enjoyment.

Unique Features of Cape Family Boat Rental

Cape Family Boat Rental stands out with their premier host, Jay, who ensures a personalized and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Premier host (Jay)

Our premier host at Cape Family Boat Rental, Jay, is dedicated to ensuring that your boating experience is exceptional. With years of expertise and a passion for customer satisfaction, Jay goes above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met during your boat rental.

He is knowledgeable about the local area and can provide valuable recommendations for exploring the beautiful waters of Southwest Florida. Whether you need assistance with selecting the right boat or want insider tips for nearby attractions, Jay is always ready to help.

You can trust him to provide top-notch service and make your time on the water truly unforgettable.

Sustainability practices

At Cape Family Boat Rental, we are committed to sustainability practices that help protect the environment and preserve the natural beauty of our surroundings. We understand the importance of responsible boating, which is why we have implemented measures to minimize our ecological impact.

Our boats are equipped with fuel-efficient engines, reducing emissions and conserving energy. We also encourage our customers to practice responsible boating by following local regulations and respecting marine life and habitats.

By choosing Cape Family Boat Rental, you can enjoy your boating experience knowing that we prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Enhanced cleanliness and safety measures

At Cape Family Boat Rental, we take cleanliness and safety seriously. We have implemented enhanced measures to ensure that our boats are clean and safe for all of our customers. Our boats are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each rental, with a special focus on high-touch surfaces such as steering wheels, controls, and seating areas.

We also provide hand sanitizers onboard for your convenience. Additionally, our staff members wear masks and practice social distancing while interacting with customers. Your safety is our top priority, so you can enjoy your boating experience with peace of mind knowing that we have taken every precaution to keep you safe.

Your Gateway to Paradise

Located in beautiful SW Florida, Cape Family Boat Rental is your gateway to paradise. Whether you’re in Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Naples, or any surrounding areas, our boat rental services provide the perfect opportunity for you and your family to explore the stunning beaches of Sanibel Island and Ft.

Myers Beach. And if you want a stress-free experience, we even offer captain services so you can sit back and relax while someone else handles all the navigating. With Cape Family Boat Rental, paradise is just a boat ride away.

Location in SW Florida (Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Naples, etc.)

Cape Family Boat Rental is conveniently located in SW Florida, providing easy access to popular destinations such as Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Naples, and Sanibel Island. With our boat rentals, you can explore the beautiful waters of these areas and enjoy the stunning beaches nearby.

Whether you want to visit the famous Sanibel Island or relax at Fort Myers Beach, our location allows you to experience the best that Southwest Florida has to offer. So come and discover paradise with us!

Proximity to beautiful beaches (Sanibel Island, Ft. Myers Beach)

We are fortunate to be located near some of the most stunning beaches in Southwest Florida. Just a short distance from Cape Coral, you’ll find the breathtaking Sanibel Island and enchanting Ft.

Myers Beach. These beaches offer pristine white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, and a plethora of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to relax under the warm sun, go for a swim or stroll along the shoreline, these beautiful beaches provide a perfect oasis for beach lovers.

Soak up the sun and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you when you rent a boat with us at Cape Family Boat Rental.

Captain services available for a stress-free experience.

At Cape Family Boat Rental, we understand that not everyone has experience or feels comfortable navigating a boat on their own. That’s why we offer captain services to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience for our customers.

Our experienced captains will handle all the navigation, so you can simply relax and take in the beauty of SW Florida’s waters. Whether you want to explore Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Naples, or any other nearby destinations, our captains will guide you safely while providing expert knowledge about the area.

Let us take care of the details while you sit back and enjoy your time on the water with family and friends.


Escape to paradise and experience the ultimate freedom on the beautiful waters of Southwest Florida with boat rentals from Cape Family Boat Rental. With a wide selection of well-maintained boats, excellent reviews, and proximity to stunning beaches, Cape Coral is truly a gateway to paradise.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the water or an adventure-filled excursion, Cape Family Boat Rental has everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Book your boat rental today and discover the hidden gems of this boater’s paradise.


1. What is “Gateway to Paradise with Boat Rentals from Cape Family Boat Rental”?

“Gateway to Paradise with Boat Rentals from Cape Family Boat Rental” is a boat rental service in SW Florida offering deck boats, pontoon boats and center console boat rentals near Sanibel Island.

2. Where are the boat rentals available?

Boat rentals are available in many places including Ft Myers Beach, Captiva Island, North Cape Coral and Naples.

3. Are there captained charters offered by this boat rental service?

Yes! The service also offers captained charter services for their boat rentals along the Fort Myers Beach beaches and beyond.

4. Can we have a boating experience in Naples using these services?

Absolutely! You can enjoy exceptional boating experiences in Naples through their extensive rental opportunities.

5. Does it offer any special packages for family vacations on Cape Coral?

Certainly! It offers various options like fishing charters, beach rentals or even exciting water activities as part of your perfect family vacation on Cape Coral.

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